I'm an architectural designer and for 13 years i worked in an architectural office. Economic crisis appeared in building construction on 2010. I had never thought that i would do another job to earn a living. But life has other plans. At the same time, i had a great love for handmade jewelry. I took my first silversmithing lesson in 2010 and since then i continue to make jewelry. But my artistic concerns didn't stop there. For the last four years i have been attending ceramic courses. The clay and the metal are two completely different materials, so unique that they have both particular position in my heart. All that remained was to "marry" them. Over the last year taking advantage of my husband's woodworking and my own sewing skills we have also created a series of wooden bags and wooden decorative items.
But these are not my only creations. I'm a mother of three (2 girls and a boy) and that has made it even more difficult to make this my full time profession. But i'm determined to succeed.
Thank you for stopping by. Hope you like our handbuilt art. :)


Participations in group excibitions

1. Aktina gallery: Group excibition April 2016

2. PopMarket Lennon: December 2016

3. ArtYetFun: Group excibition March 2017

                       Group excibition June 2017

                       Group excibition December 2018

4. Project based on "Linear A" writting: 2017

5. Ceramics: Group excibition June 2016

                       Group excibition June 2017

                       Group excibition June 2018

6. 3-Day Ceramics seminar with the Spanish Ceramist Rafa Perez: 2018

7. 3-Day Ceramics seminar with Greek Ceramist Maro Kerasioti: 2019

8. 5-Day Ceramics seminar with Spanish Ceramist Miguel Molet: 2019